Wednesday, January 29, 2014

three nights

Three nights in a row that Rowan has slept fully through the night. 7:30-7:30 with no wake ups. It's a miracle. I hope it lasts. I am sick of needing a nap everyday. We went to New Jersey for a quick trip to do Rowan's baby naming and visit with family and friends. On Sunday I went to a seminar on training reactive dogs, which was interesting. But I had to leave for a few hours in the middle to go food shopping and feed the baby! that's how busy I am!

I've been adding more dog training classes to my schedule. Right now I'm co-teaching two classes and maybe starting to do some in-home private lessons and puppy class stuff. I love it because it doesn't feel like work. Speaking of work, I am trying to find time to grow my position as nutritionist at the local YMCA, but it requires lots of planning. So I do what I can now. I am scheduled to give a lecture at the end of February. Also I signed up to get my certification in adult weight management. I cannot wait until Frances gets here to help with the kids. I will finally have some time to get stuff done! So excited.

Rowan is growing and changing super fast right now. Just in the past two weeks she went from barely crawling to motoring FAST! She can get across a room pretty quickly. We had to lower her crib because she stands up now too. Walking will be here very soon I'm sure. She is also eating very well. She has gotten great at picking food up and eating it herself. Tonight we had sweet potatoes, ribs and beans and she loved it. Finley is doing very well in school and is just starting to sound out 3 letter words. What she really needs is some friends to play with. Her mom needs to work on finding her some! Tomorrow I have my book club meeting and going to IKEA and Finley has gym class.

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  1. Good you're keeping so busy. Love everything you write .