Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I am going to try to start posting every week day. This is going to be really hard because I'm a terrible blogger. One of my goals for this year is more blogging and taking real photos, less facebook and iphone photos.

So...I haven't posted since June! A lot has happened since then. Ben just started back up with school and we are getting into a routine. The routine should be working pretty well, but its not because of Rowan's sleeping schedule and my needs for sleeping. She goes to bed at 8:30 and wants to wake up at 6:30. For awhile this also included several episodes of crying during the night. We tried weaning her off the pacifier because when it falls out she wakes up crying. But that made everyone miserable, so we decided to put that off for awhile. Last night was OK. She woke up once, Ben helped her find her pacifier and she went back to sleep. Still woke up at 6 am. Thats not going to work for me. Finley sleeps until 9 am. I guess having two kids that sleep well was too much to ask for.

Aside from the sleeping issue Rowan is doing well. She's been really whiny in the past month or so when she isn't being held. In the past few days this has gotten much better because she started crawling! And then I was shocked yesterday to see her pull herself up to standing! The problem is that she's not strong enough to stay there so she falls. I need to watch her very closely because she is a danger to herself at this point. I'm guessing she will be an early walker.

She's been eating well. We pretty much stopped giving her baby food and just break up whatever we are eating into small pieces for her. Or we try to find regular foods that are soft like yogurt, refried beans, hummus, guacamole, apple sauce. She isn't as interested in nursing, which is alright as long as she is getting enough. I'm not ready to wean her onto cow's milk, she she has a few months before that can happen! I try to nurse her before giving her solid food when she's hungry.

More about Finley and other stuff that is going on tomorrow! Also hopefully some new photos!

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