Tuesday, December 18, 2012

16 weeks

I am still working toward going to physical therapy school, but it's such a long process. I've been doing well with my shadowing. I go to two different places almost every week. Im learning a lot that way. I make the mistake of signing up for an online GRE class and forgot that in the beginning of pregnancy I barely have enough energy to get out of bed and definitely not enough brain power to sit through a 3 hour class once a week. Ooops! I am going to try to go through the recordings now that Im feeling much better and hope that it wasn't a complete waste of money. Today I signed up for a precalculus class, but made sure to find one that is self-directed. I still have to take Physics, Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Science. Ugh. One step at at time!

I went to the doctor yesterday for my monthly checkup. Im 16 weeks now and everything is going well so far. My blood pressure dropped to 100/60. I hope it can stay down this time. By the time Finley was born it was up to 140/80, which is really dangerous. We found out that the baby has a 1/10,000 chance of having Trisomy 18 or Down Syndrome. That means that its such a low chance that it's not detectable. Next test we find out about is for Spina Bifida. Oh and I only gained 2 lbs since the last appointment. My goal is to weigh less than I did when Finley was born! Our next appointment will be the ultrasound that will look at the babies anatomy and make sure everything is normal and we will find out boy/girl. Fin already has a name picked out - Rudolph. Pronounced by her "Rudoss".

I will try to take photos on our vacation to Vermont and post while I am there. We are so excited!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Much Needed Fun Weekend

We started out Saturday morning going over to our flyball friends Kris & Carrie's house for a delicious breakfast of sweet potato pancakes and bacon. Then we trained our dogs for a little while and took them all on a nice long hike. We had 7 dogs total and they all got along really well. It was surprisingly relaxing. Then we came home and Finley had a long nap because she was so tried after getting up at the early hour of 8:30 am. Ben and I got some work done around the house and then we relaxed around the house. When Finley got up she Skyped with her Gran and Pop, we ordered some takeout and watched Elf. We rarely sit around and watch a movie all together, so that was really nice. Finley is just now old enough to sit through a whole movie.

Today we took Pax, Spy (our whippet puppy) and Finley to Cambridge. We went to the Museum of Natural History. We didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked, but Fin was actually interested in looking at a lot of the animals. We also got some desserts at a bakery, some Indian food to go for dinner tonight and bagels and cream cheese to eat in the car on the way home. We were also able to walk the whippets around and socialize the puppy with all sorts of scary things. She wasn't actually scared of anything..very brave puppy! We came home at around four and watched some TV and relaxed around the house. It was just the weekend we needed. The only downside is that I didn't get any photos and I still need to learn how to use my complicated new camera!

Some things Finley has said in the last few days...

- someone asked how Finley's pop was doing and she said "he only has 1 hip" (because he is in the process of a hip replacement)
- she's been asking for us to leave her bedroom door open a crack when she goes to bed. It's very cute
- She's just about able to count to 10, but mostly says the numbers out of order.
- She asks one of us to do something and then if we do it, she says "good jobbie", which she got from our flyball friends rewarding their dogs
-Last night she asked Ben if he wanted to hear a joke and he said OK and she said "Goose" and then another one was "Pax". Very cute!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have not been good about posting regularly. We have a lot going on and have been busy, but at the same time not as much going on as we would like. The biggest news is that Im pregnant! 16 weeks right now. I spent the last several months feeling sick and staying in bed. So incredibly tired and nauseated. Now Im feeling better, but it's harder to handle typical life stress. I still don't know what I am doing about work and school. I want to go back to school, but there is so much to do to make that happen! Im hoping to take a Calculus class this semester and have gotten on a regular schedule of shadowing at two different Physical Therapy places. My nutrition job search is on hold at least until the new baby is 6 months old.

The other HUGE stress in our lives is the house hunting. We've looked at a ton of houses and nothing even comes close to working for us. It's so frustrating and disappointing. It feels like we will never find something that works. We need a bigger house before this kid is born! And then on top of that, I don't even love the area that we are in. I think I will be happier if we ever get to Sturbridge, but I hate the town that we are in now.

It has gotten a bit better since the last time I did a post like this. Finley started a gym class that she loves. I started taking yoga classes and we found a good dog training facility near Sturbridge for taking classes with the dogs. I got a new amazing camera and have been looking into taking a photography class to learn how to use it. So we are adjusting and getting involved in the community, but I still can't help but feel disappointed.

With all the stress we have, Finley is the light of our lives. She is a wonderful, empathetic, sweet and thoughtful little girl. She is talking up a storm and has tons of questions about everything. She loves Thomas the Train and is excited to get some trains for the Holidays. She also wants bandaids! Haha. She does not like getting up early and still loves to eat, but is a little more opinionated and picky.

The three of us and our 4 dogs are heading to Vermont for Christmas for some relaxation, snowshoeing and skiing. I cannot wait to get away from our tiny little house.

Finley absolutely LOVED the Polar Express Movie so we had to go take a ride on the train with her! She loved it..especially getting a little gift from Santa and the hot cocoa and cookies!