Saturday, June 8, 2013


We have really been getting out a lot this week and adjusting pretty quickly to life with 2 kids. It was definitely easier when Gran was here to watch Fin and take her do fun activities, but it's getting easier everyday and it helps that both Ben and I are home. I'm still having trouble when I'm watching both kids, especially when I'm feeding Rowan and Finley needs my attention.

Rowan is a little bit easier baby than Finley was. She cries, but not as much as Fin did and it's usually pretty obvious what she wants. Also she doesn't spit up at all, which is really surprising...Fin spit up very frequently. Rowan still isn't on a good schedule at night and is very awake sometimes most of the night. Same as Finley, but we think Rowan is having some gas pain and that might be why she is having trouble sleeping. It's been pretty easy to take Rowan along for family activities. She sleeps well in the car and is a good nurser. If she has a full belly and clean diaper, she tends to be pretty happy. 

This week we've been out to eat a few times and have done some errands including taking the dogs to the Chiropractor. Today was the longest outing so far. We went to a little kids carnival and farmers market in Brimfield. Fin got to do a pony ride and bounce house and then we took 3 dogs on a hike in Sturbridge. It worked well for Ben to carry Rowan in the Ergo carrier and I pushed the BOB stroller with Finley in it when she wasn't stomping in the giant puddles from the massive amount of rain we've been having.

We still have a lot of adjusting to do before things feel normal, but we are getting there faster than I expected.