Thursday, September 27, 2012

house hunting

We are enjoying the cooler temperatures here. It really doesn't get any better than early fall in New England. The air is dry and cool; the sun is shining. There are less bugs , which makes hiking so much more enjoyable. It's very festive with all the fall/halloween decorations and of course the leaves are starting to change. We went apple picking a few weeks ago, which we all loved.  It makes me realize that I made the right decision to move here...

Speaking of moving here, we went to go look at two houses in Sturbridge yesterday. The first one is on a great road. It's close to town and has lots of old beautiful farm houses. This particular house was smaller than others in the neighborhood. It had tons of 1930's charm and was well taken care of. The layout was the opposite of an open floor plan - typical for that time period. I guess it would be considered a colonial. It had lots of nice features, but the land would not have worked. It's on a steep hill and there is no where to exercise the dogs or park our trailer. This is a deal breaker for us. Also it needed some updated in terms of plumbing and electric. The 2nd house was definitely not going to work. It was over 4000 square feet. It was almost too big and I hated the style. It was very 1980's fake lake house. It was trying to be high end, but hasn't been updated in a long time and it's  a short sale so the current owners have let it go. We are definitely sticking with this town, but need to find the right house!

This weekend we are going to Cape Cod for our final trip with our trailer for the year. I'm very excited!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finley & I

Ben just got home from a camping trip with "the guys". They had fun even though it rained quite and bit and he is extremely stressed about Vet school. My parents came up from NJ to watch Finley on Saturday, so I could go whippet racing with Pax. I had a lovely day with just one dog and no one else to worry about. I got very little sleep the night before though, so I was not feeling great when I got home and the other dogs and Finley were full of energy. We went out to an Italian restaurant called Dinos and I got my standard eggplant dish and shared it with Finley.

Today Finley and I went to the Sterling fair. It was weird to be there without Ben, but we better get used to that. He is going to be spending the next 4 years buried in books. Anyway, it was a cute little fair with all the standard stuff. Fin decided recently that she doesn't love horses, goats or sheep anymore..Now it's all about the cows and cars/trucks and other modes of transportation. Sooo...we checked out the helicopters and of course Fin loved nothing more than the ride that spins around and she gets to sit in a car. Speaking of that she has a new obsession with getting in the drivers seat when we get home. She says "drive car" and she wants to sit out there and pretend she is going food shopping or to the lake. She is always sure to bring me good stuff from the grocery store..usually PB&J, bread or butter.

Lets see more updates on Finley...well for food, she has been really into PB&J and even named her toy spider after it. She also still loves hummus, grapes, pasta/noodles, cheese, broccoli, hotdogs, french fries, rice, soup, burritos, ranch dressing, juice, peaches, mac and cheese, grilled cheese..but she'll eat pretty much anything we offer. She still sleeps fact she's going on 2 hours for her nap right now.

This morning she woke up at 8:15 and I woke up for a second..waited 2 minutes and didn't hear anything else and she went back to bed until 10 am..thats my girl! She's gotten a lot taller, which I only know because I got her onto a ride that required her to be 36" and she was just about there. She loves to sit in her room and read books by herself, play with the dogs, go to the playground and swing, play with other kids. Fin still loves to help by cleaning, carrying stuff, pushing the stroller, holding the dogs leash, feeding the dogs. She is in a climbing phase, in which she carries around a stool to get up to higher places. The biggest thing is her talking! Finley doesn't repeat us really anymore..she actually responds to questions and remembers things she did. She even said a full sentence today (it was completely out of context but thats beside the point). She said "Rachel and Teddy have a dog named Odie". I was so proud and am amazed everyday at the things she says. She really is an awesome kid and Im proud to be her Mama