Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ben picked up a dog at the airport last night and Ben got pulled over and stuck in traffic on the way home, so didn't get home until very late.  We didn't get to bed until 1 am and Rowan wakes us up at 6 am every morning. Ugh! And she woke up a bunch of times between then too, so we did not get enough sleep at all. was mostly a blur. Ben took Finley to school and I slept a bit during Rowan's morning nap. I dragged myself to yoga, which was awesome and felt really good. Rowan didn't quite make it in the childcare at the YMCA for the whole hour though. I trained dogs and did some stuff around the house until Ben got home. One of those days that I'm happy I didn't fall asleep sitting up. Tonight I went to Finley's parent/teacher conference at Montessori. They said all good things about her. She listens, loves to learn, kind to others, and is working on remembering to put stuff away. She's agreeable and is willing to try anything. I already knew all that, but fun to talk to her teacher about her. Finny had gym tonight. She loves it, so we keep going. We take turns because neither of us usually wants to go. In April she will be in class that doesn't require parents. We are looking forward to that! I'm too tired to write anything more interesting! Tomorrow I have a nutritionist meeting at the YMCA and flyball class at night. GOING. TO. BED.

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